May 5, 2014

Marcel Boucher. Magical Earrite Earrings

Patented in 1950 by Marcel Boucher, these fabulous earrings mysteriously cling to your head with no clips, screws or posts.

The original patent drawings demonstrate the unique wire wrapping mechanism.
So comfortable and completely adjustable to your ears.
Despite the generous use of glass rhinestones, they remain lightweight.

However it seems these stylish and totally unique earrings didn't really catch on in the 1950s.  So, unfortunately, there are very few examples for research, comparison or purchase.

The earrings may be signed, with only one of the pair bearing the "Boucher" signature. Some may also contain a patent number.  They may also be unsigned.

One thing is for sure, they are really beautiful, well made and very unique. If you are lucky to come across a pair, rest assured you'll be the only one rocking them!

You can find an unsigned pair of these wonderfully elegant Earrite earrings in my shop.

So there you have it, I learn something new everyday... and I'm so glad I can add this to my knowledge bank too!