Jul 29, 2014

A Locket in my Pocket

Lockets are among my favorite pieces of jewelry. There's just something so sweet and personal about these tiny secret compartments.

The earliest lockets were intended for woven or plaited human hair that was encased in a compartment of glass. Before the advent of the daguerreotype in 1840, lockets contained tiny hand painted portraits.

The Industrial Revolution brought advances in photography and bolstered the appeal of lockets to a broader population. 

Lockets of Victorian era are typically found in Sterling, Gold and rolled gold over base metal.This unusual  Victoria era locket (above and below) has a mesh sliding door that opens to reveal a compartment for a photo. It is of gold filled metal and marked inside.

Art nouveau lockets are among my favorite because of the detail and craftsmanship. Often they feature curvy, fluid designs inspired by nature.

Two Victorian- Nouveau lockets. The left is Sterling silver set with turquoise. The one in the right is marked 10k, and is set with three diamonds.

Interesting shaped lockets are also coveted by collectors. These three vary in age, the left is c 1950, the right is 1930s and the middle is early 1900s.

Often lockets are found missing the celluloid inserts and frames.

A collection of sweetheart lockets ranging from 1940s to modern.  Military emblem lockets were popular during World War II. It is a real treat to find them with the original photos of young men in uniform.

Taking on many forms, lockets can be found as rings, watch fobs, brooches, and even bracelets. This 14k gold Art Deco bracelet is a family heirloom. Custom crafted by Allsop and Allsop in strong deco lines and set with a blue sapphire.

It's a locket too!

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my locket collection :) for lockets available for sale, visit my shop here:

Or check out some of these beauties I found on Etsy::

Art Deco locket from boylerpf

locket from COBAYLEY

Art Nouveau locket from ThePeacockFeather
Gorgeous Regard Enameled locket from Pinguim

Have a locket to share?? Please put a link in the comments!

May 5, 2014

Marcel Boucher. Magical Earrite Earrings

Patented in 1950 by Marcel Boucher, these fabulous earrings mysteriously cling to your head with no clips, screws or posts. 

The original patent drawings demonstrate the unique wire wrapping mechanism.
So comfortable and completely adjustable to your ears.
Despite the generous use of glass rhinestones, they remain lightweight.

However it seems these stylish and totally unique earrings didn't really catch on in the 1950s.  So, unfortunately, there are very few examples for research, comparison or purchase.

The earrings may be signed, with only one of the pair bearing the "Boucher" signature. Some may also contain a patent number.  They may also be unsigned.

One thing is for sure, they are really beautiful, well made and very unique. If you are lucky to come across a pair, rest assured you'll be the only one rocking them!

You can find an unsigned pair of these wonderfully elegant Earrite earrings in my shop.

So there you have it, I learn something new everyday... and I'm so glad I can add this to my knowledge bank too!

Apr 7, 2014

The "Push Present"

I originally thought the idea of a "push present" was a little silly, a garish waste of money at a time when diapers are at the forefront of the monthly budget.  After all, it's a relatively new phenomena, made wide stream by the leading ladies of Hollywood.  While a healthy baby girl was certainly gift enough, it was really sweet when daddy surprised me with a special piece of jewelry!

 This gorgeous ring was the work of Etsy shop owner Renee of Righteous Recycling.  Sending mock-ups of the ring and cementing every detail before creating my heirloom piece, she worked tirelessly to find the perfect stones and setting for our taste and wallet. 
And the best part is that my ring is one of a kind! Completely customized with my son and daughter's birthstones and topped off with a 1/2 carat fiery diamond.  Like my darling kiddos, it's a gift I will cherish forever.

A custom piece of jewelry from Renee's shop would also make a fabulous Mother's Day gift or engagement ring.  Renee can work with most time frames, but get your orders in soon as these are custom one of a kind pieces, made when you order it!

Check out what Righteous Recycling has to offer


Feb 10, 2014

Pheasant Bolo Tie Zuni Inlay Sterling Silver Jewelry Signed Dixon

A Rare Bird! This fabulous and very collectible Zuni signed "C. Dixon" bolo tie takes the form of a pheasant in flight.  Inlaid with turquoise, shell, and coral in sterling silver.  Leather cording capped with sterling silver ends.  Just a stunning and rare piece, sure to get noticed and be the envy of every cowboy around!

Look for it in my Etsy shop!

Jan 4, 2014

Mikimoto Pearls

A fabulous Estate find, these Mikimoto pearls are absolutely gorgeous and luxurious!  You can find this set in my Etsy shop for purchase.