Jul 11, 2012

What Would Ginger Wear?

Trapped on a deserted island with a group of comedians in the 1960's?  No problem! The fabulous Tina Louise showed us just how to maintain your cool and your perfect hairdo as Ginger Grant on Gilligan's Island.  Want to get her sexy, stuck-up diva look?

Start with some glam vintage dangle earrings and a fabulous gown... plus curlers, bobby pins and about a gallon of hairspray.

From DaisyandStella on Etsy
From MimisVintageShop on Etsy

Perhaps something a little more "primitive" is in order?

Check out these finds on Etsy to get your Leopard Print Ginger look:

From ChloeKent on Etsy

From YesterdaysSilhouette on Etsy

By CashmereJewels on Etsy

After all, it is a deserted island...

And I'm sure you had the foresight to bring a super hot bullet-bra bikini...

From DivingHorseVintage on Etsy

From Vintageby1980sExcess on Etsy


  1. I used to wish I was Ginger watching Gilligan's Island when I was growing up! She was so Hollywood glam compared to the other island residents! Great picks for anyone wanting that glam look!!

  2. Loved catching the re-runs of this show as a kid! Thanks for featuring our ring on your awesome blog! You (and Ginger) have great taste!

  3. I love Gilligan's Island, and Ginger was the epitome of style! Great picks that bring back wonderful memories!

  4. I loved Ginger! Such a great idea, and some wonderful finds on Etsy to get the vintage Ginger look!!