Aug 22, 2011

Back to School Vintage Basics!

The fall semester has just kicked off and I'm pysched to be heading back to campus!  Here are some vintage staples that can enhance your collegiate wardrobe...

1.  Vintage Skirts...
Paired with your favorite blouse, or button-up and topped with a cardigan or jacket... you can't go wrong.  Add flats or pumps to complete the look!

I found this awesome 1940s pencil skirt on Etsy and just had to have it!
Vintage skirt from AriaParfaitVintage on Etsy
Vintage 1950s skirt from Pacheco5000 on Etsy

2. Vintage Pantsuit or Wiggle dress...
Because they are a one piece outfit, they are great for showing off accessories.. and really hot!

Vintage Pantsuit by RighteousRecycling on Etsy
1950s dress by Jantiques on Etsy

3. Bakelite Bangles.
In rich vibrant colors, you can stack these up with practically anything.  Fabulous with a white tee and jeans!

Bakelite Bangle and Button earrings from AntiqueAli on etsy

Bakelite bangles from KatcherrFancy on Etsy
Red Bakelite Bangles by BakeliteMystique on Etsy

4. Vintage Shoes!
I must admit I am a shoe-holic.  I wish I had more feet.... Be careful buying vintage shoes online, they ran smaller and a lot more narrow for some reason.  There's nothing better than pumps and blue jeans!

Vintage black pumps by BeastlyLettuce on Etsy

5.  Vintage Beaded Necklaces...
without being to presumptuous, they accent any fall outfit perfectly!

Vintage Two Strand Beaded choker by AllThingsDandy on Etsy
Vintage Beaded necklace by TheAtticShop on Etsy

Now go out there and earn those straight A's in style.

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  1. Love your style, Lexi! I wouldn't have held back on that pencil skirt either! Just think of the savings one can make buying vintage for your back to school needs...fabulous!!

  2. Great back to school finds. I love that pantsuit!

  3. Awesome as Always Lexi, I Especially Love The Red bakelite bangles

  4. great selections lexi! you are making me miss school! :)

  5. I am your newest fan from Vintage Bloggers. I love these vintage beads and all vintage beads!! I also love that first skirt-wish my figure could wear it :). Please check out my blog and follow if you like it. Thanks!