Jul 25, 2011

SWF Seeks DE Juliana for long term relationship

Must love long walks on the beach and dancing the night away. Also Piña Coladas. 

Where are you, necklace?

So if you can't tell, this post is kind of "want ad" for myself and anyone else seeking out a specific Juliana piece to complete a set.  So I have four bracelets in my collection.  They are truly cherished, and I am often seen sporting them on weekends with a t-shirt and jeans.  I search often, on many sites for matching pieces.  But I can never find just what I'm looking for.  Or, I have found the matching pieces on the Juliana Jewelry site, but they don't appear to be for sale.

Have you seen my match?

A tiny little background on the company... because if you are here, you probably already know enough about Delizza and Elster's Jewelry.

Where oh where can my matching brooch be?

DeLizza and Elster span the period 1947 to the 1980′s.  They produced an incredible variety of jewelry, along with  manufacturing and selling to a number of design houses such as Boucher, Weiss, Gloria, Celebrity, Hobe, Kramer, and Hattie Carnegie, just to name a few.  Each of these houses in turn put their own tag or mark on these pieces, thus blurring the line as to who a piece is actually attributed, and whether or not you are looking at a truly original D & E design.

Please, sir...Can I have some earrings?

From the period 1967-1968 this jewelry became a specific line which was produced under the name of Juliana, named for Frank DeLizza’s mother.  Mr. DeLizza has made it clear that he prefers that only the pieces produced during this period be called “Juliana” and that all other pieces be identified as DeLizza & Elster. 

Perhaps you, too are seeking a mate for your bracelet or brooch or necklace? Well you are welcome to post your inquiries below!  Also, please let me know if you have seen any pieces for my precious bracelets... my ears always feel naked. And my neckline is so jealous of my wrist.  

Here's some pieces available for from Etsy Sellers... maybe you have the match!

A wonderful Treasury filled with Juliana Jewelry... some on sale right now too!

Available from TheGoodVintageCo on Etsy

Available from BitzofGlitz4U on Etsy

Available from Vintageby1980sExcess on Etsy

Available from VintageJewelryPlus on Etsy
Available from MyVintageJewels on Etsy

Available from ArteDellaModa on Etsy 
Available from CoconutRoad on Etsy 

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Available from EyeCandyAntiques on Etsy 

Loads more Juliana pieces available from quality sellers in the Ecochic Vintage Team here.

You can search all Etsy sellers here for Juliana Jewelry.

For more info about Juliana jewelry, check out http://julianajewelry.net/

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  1. What infinite sparkle the D&E /Juliana jewelry has! Great post!!

  2. I wish you luck in your search! Great post.

  3. You bright girl... there must be someone out there with the baubles you're looking for! Love your blog.