Jun 27, 2011

Designer Costume Jewelry : Carnegie Hall of Jewels

Phenomenal Hattie Carnegie Necklace by LyndiLane on Etsy
Hattie Carnegie (15 March 1880 — 22 February 1956) was a fashion entrepreneur based in New York City from the 1920s to the 1960s. Hattie Carnegie was originally a milliner and owned a successful shop on East Tenth Street in New York named Carnegie - Ladies' Hatter.  Hattie Carnegie's colorful clothing and ultra-chic costume jewelry is highly sought after and fun to collect!

Fabulous Hattie Carnegie Necklace by JewelsandMyGirls3 on Etsy
The first of Hattie Carnegie's Jewelry collections was produced in 1939.

Stunning Hattie Carnegie Pendant by SundayandSunday on Etsy
Beautiful Rhinestone and Faux Pearl earrings from AntiqueAli on Etsy

1950's Hattie Carnegie Earrings by AntiquingOnLine on Etsy

Vintage Carnegie Heart Brooch by bitzofglitz4u on Etsy

Hattie Carnegie's Orient collection is highly sought after! c. 1950's-1960s

Carnegie Buddha Brooch by JudysGems2 on Etsy

You can find lots more collectible Hattie Carnegie Jewelry on Etsy!

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  1. Such fun jewelry finds! I've always enjoyed her clothing line...another great post, Lexi!

  2. Thanks Lexi,
    Another informative post. Carnegie was a real trail blazer. Succeeded in all of her endeavors and opened the door for others to follow her. Great to see her work being promoted!

  3. I just recently learned of Hattie and now I have learned even more! Thanks LEXI!

  4. Thanks for the Information concerning Hattie Carnegie... Down here in my neck of the woods I don't see any, but it is nice to see examples, and learn the history... Your blog is always a good read

  5. Thanks for your informative blog post and thanks too for including our pendant!

  6. Sigh! Someday I may find a piece!

  7. Great post Lexi! What beautiful jewels!

  8. Love the look of Hattie Carnegie--here's another set

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