May 24, 2011

Super Rare Satsuma Samurai

Probably one of the coolest finds... A pair of Satsuma button earrings!  These in particular, are a rarity because of the motif and coloration.  Known as "immortal man", or a Samurai figure, with a black background.  Made around 1900-1920.

These small pottery buttons were worn by Geisha girls and wealthy or powerful people.  Coming in packs of 6 or more, these buttons have the most tiny and beautiful images painted on them and are a real collectors item.

Satsuma pottery was made in, or around Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan in the later part of the 19th century, through to the early 1920’s in Satsuma in southern Japan.  A typical piece of Satsuma pottery will be of a yellowy complexion and usually decorated with intricate and minute Japanese figures, landscapes and even dragons.

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