Apr 18, 2011

It's Raining on Prom Night: Vintage 1950s Dresses that wow!

If I could travel back in time to 1999... My junior prom.  I wore a stupid pink dress from Macy's.  Sure, I though the dress was beautiful at the time, but when I look back at the pictures... that's just it, I threw them away years ago! Even though I had a blast at prom, the pictures were nothing short of boring and unmemorable.  If I had it all to do over again... same handsome date, same dinner plans, DIFFERENT DRESS!
Here are a  few vintage gowns that I would have loved!

Gorgeous 1950's Flocked Velvet Dress by TimelessVintageVixen

1950's Lanvin Paris Strapless Gown.. WOW! by PinkVintageBoudoir

This is my Favorite! Pink 1950's Satin Gown from PennyDreadfulVintage

Beautiful Two Tone 1950s Gown by FabGabs

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  1. Fabulous choices Lexi, love them all!

  2. Beautiful choices, Lexi! I'd be in 7th heaven wearing that Lanvin!

  3. Oh I know just how you feel. I hate the dress I wore to my prom too, it was black crushed velvet with spaghetti straps, how 1997 can you get! Glad you like the dress, I just wish I could fit into it and then I could have a prom party at home ;) x

  4. Great Blog As Always Lexi,
    I wont reveal when my junior prom was..Ha!

  5. lovin' these gowns...just think about them and some pretty vintage jewels....

  6. oh how things have change. If I could go back I would most def wear a vintage gown, you wouldnt have to worry about someone having the same one on.

  7. I saw a girl this weekend wearing a 1950's style prom "gown"...beautiful blue with sparkles in the fabric of the skirt. It was strapless and had a tiny waist and VOLUMES of skirt. I was wondering if she was wearing a hoop under there! It suited her perfectly, and she looked radiant.

  8. Gorgeous vintage prom choices - what great memories these would make!

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