Apr 7, 2011

Dress Clips: How to wear

Long legs, buxom busoms, and of course dress clips, good things come in pairs! They are a girls best friend.  I love 'em! I consider them more collectible and wearable than brooches... you can clip these little deco dazzlers just about anywhere!  

Clip over a chain for a unique art deco pendant...

Art Deco Dress Clip suspended on a chain by STLVintage
Darling 1930s dress clip by FreshyFig on Etsy (shown attached to chain for a stylish necklace!)

Dress clips were tremendously popular accessories in the 1920s through the 50's, and were artfully crafted by some of the top names associated with collecting costume jewelry.  Eisenberg, Polcini, Haskell, Staret, Trifari, Coro to name just a few.

Pearl Drop and Pave Rhinestone Deco Clip by MjhJewelryDesigns

There are key differences between dress clips, fur clips and shoe clips, though many sellers use the terms interchangeably:
  • Dress clips utilize a hinged mechanism with a flat metal piece equipped with a few tiny teeth or claws for grasping material. 
  • Fur clips utilize a hinged mechanism with two long sharp prongs for poking through heavy materials and furs. 
  • Shoe clips have a similar hinged mechanism, or a more bendable metal (and no hinge) but the metal clip is much shorter and typically much wider with a couple sharp teeth. 

So be sure to look at the back of the piece to determine what you are looking for, whether it be a dress clip or pair of dress clips, fur clips or a rockin' pair of shoe clips.

Rare Book Piece Pear Fur Clip by SecondhandBijoux

Back of Fur Clip showing two pronged clasp by SecondhandBijoux

Ornate and just amazingly beautiful dress clip by plasticouture on Etsy

back of dress clip by plasticouture on Etsy

Dress clips can be purchased for a few dollars up to a few hundred dollars or more, so you are sure to find a stunning single or pair of clips whatever your budget.  Here is a tiny selection of the fabulous examples of dress clips available on Etsy, and the scintillating new ways you can wear these gorgeous antique clips! 

 Clip to a blouse for a darling adornment...

Fantastic and Rare Theodor Fahrner Clip by Butterflysue on Etsy

Jeweled dress clip shown on blouse by whitepelicanboutique on Etsy

1930s Bakelite and Chrome dress clip from lexilovesvintage private collection

Deeply carved brown bakelite clip by DecoratingYourself on Etsy
Clip to your favorite pair of boots or pumps...

1930s clip on my fave boots
Pair of Deco dress clips clips to my favorite pair of vintage houndstooth pumps

How phenomenal is this set?!? by GildedElegance on Etsy

I really want these... Retro 1930s-40s clips by NiceAssets on Etsy
These are exquisite.. priced just right (in other words, if you don't buy them, I probably will) Moonglow 1930s dress clips by AntiqueAli on Etsy

Clip to a purse, evening bag, hat or beret... even the pocket of your favorite worn in jeans!

Clips strass dans la boudoir... 
Deco dress clip attached to top of stocking
Pair of deco dress clips attached to stockings
Sure to get your special someone's heart racing...
Get creative, and there's no telling what fun and flirty places you can find to attach a dress clip! A slinky nightie or negligee, a slip or wedding garter.

Additional uses for dress clips:
  • attach to headband
  • use to attach a shawl or wrap for an evening out
  • clip to a prom dress
  • clip to a wedding gown
  • clip to knee socks
  • attach to sweater dress
  • clip to the rim of a beret or winter beanie
  • scarf
  • I'm guilty of clipping to my driver's side visor mirror in my car to hold my insurance card and license (don't recommend as this could weaken the clip mechanism).

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