Apr 27, 2011

Bakelite Bangles Back with a Vengeance

Set of 5 Bakelite Cuffs by texjamma on Etsy

I LOVE Bakelite!  Who doesn't?  Well, my husband thinks it's silly to spend so much on "just plastic."  My favorite, and most wearable Bakelite pieces are bangle bracelets!  Clunky and cool, they look so great when you stack 'em up with a t-shirt and jeans, or pick a few to wear with a 1940's skirt and heels. 

Bakelite bangles are the epitome of Bombshell Betty, fun and flirty and oh-so-vintage...

Apr 18, 2011

It's Raining on Prom Night: Vintage 1950s Dresses that wow!

If I could travel back in time to 1999... My junior prom.  I wore a stupid pink dress from Macy's.  Sure, I though the dress was beautiful at the time, but when I look back at the pictures... that's just it, I threw them away years ago! Even though I had a blast at prom, the pictures were nothing short of boring and unmemorable.  If I had it all to do over again... same handsome date, same dinner plans, DIFFERENT DRESS!
Here are a  few vintage gowns that I would have loved!

Gorgeous 1950's Flocked Velvet Dress by TimelessVintageVixen

Apr 14, 2011

ENDED Blog Giveaway! Mother's Day Edition

Everyone's favorite lady is being celebrated on Sunday, May 8th this year!  That's right, it's time to show your mom how much you appreciate her :)  I like to take my mom out to brunch, and surprise her with a sappy card and a little vintage trinket!  In my experience, nothing goes better with Dim Sum than recieving an antique brooch or sparkly rhinestone bracelet...

Apr 13, 2011

Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry, Red Carpet Looks for A LOT Less

"I can't believe it's not Cartier!" 

Award Ceremony season just finished up for all the leading ladies of the red carpet.  Diamonds, of course, classically sprinkled the necklines, ears and wrists of the celebrities. 

Anne Hathaway with 105 carats of Cartier
A dazzling rhinestone set from Antiquesnoddities on Etsy for $75

Apr 7, 2011

Dress Clips: How to wear

Long legs, buxom busoms, and of course dress clips, good things come in pairs! They are a girls best friend.  I love 'em! I consider them more collectible and wearable than brooches... you can clip these little deco dazzlers just about anywhere!  

Clip over a chain for a unique art deco pendant...

Art Deco Dress Clip suspended on a chain by STLVintage
Darling 1930s dress clip by FreshyFig on Etsy (shown attached to chain for a stylish necklace!)

Dress clips were tremendously popular accessories in the 1920s through the 50's, and were artfully crafted by some of the top names associated with collecting costume jewelry.  Eisenberg, Polcini, Haskell, Staret, Trifari, Coro to name just a few.