Mar 20, 2011

Vintage Costume Jewelry: WEISS Beyond Your Years

This set has Eisenberg style "Icing" Available for purchase by AntiquingOnline

A popular signature among collectors, Weiss jewelry is beautiful, wearable and well made. The company was founded by designer Albert Weiss in 1942. Weiss worked for Coro before starting his own company, successful until they closed shop in 1971.

The signatures and marks used on jewelry changed very little over the years, so they are easily recognizable. That being said, some Weiss jewelry is unmarked, as it was made for department stores and sold with that store's labels and packaging.

You can see images of Weiss signatures, as well as the approximate dates of use here.

Some of my favorite pieces incorporate the Eisenberg style of pave "icing" or little curvy metal designs set with tiny clear rhinestones.  Like the fabulous smoke gray or "black diamond" parure pictured above...That bracelet is to die for!

Here is another lovely demi using pave style "icing" available by MercyMadge!

But oh how I do enjoy the fanciful figurals produced by Weiss in the 1950's and 60's as well!

This yellow enameled butterfly is gorgeous and quite rare.  Available by WaaLaa on Etsy.

delicious Weiss set available by Vintageby1980sExcess

Beautiful and colorful butterflies, Fruits and flowers....

Available by starletstyles

Weiss Ruby Red Strawberry, Available by AntiqueAli

Weiss Flower Brooch and Earrings by starletstyles

This beautiful Weiss brooch has a very Hollycraft feel with the pastel rhinestones! Available by EyeSpyJewels 

Bakelite or thermoset plastics with rhinestones...

Thermoset and rhinestone earrings by Blisstiques

Stunning and artful use of stone shapes and colors!

Beautiful Weiss Necklace with Alexandrite Rhinestones by delightfuljewels
Stunning and bold Milk Glass Weiss bracelet by Vintageby1980sExcess

Whatever your personal style or taste, Weiss has something beautiful you are sure to fall in love with... You can find more Weiss jewelry by the Ecochic team on Etsy by clicking here.

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  1. Lovely collection of Albert Weiss jewelry! Incredible designs, love Weiss jewelry!

  2. Lexi, I laughed out loud when I read what you wrote about the things that get donated back to Goodwill "because honestly...what was I thinking?"!!!! Hee hee, still laughing....I can really relate! But hey, no guts, no glory, right?

    Congrats on your blog adventure! Staying tuned....Great Weiss feature! About to list my very first Weiss find:) Thanks and keep blogging!

  3. I just love Weiss jewelry - the first piece I ever sold was a Weiss! Great blog! Thanks for including my butterfly!

  4. Fabulous example of beautiful jewelry...what gorgeous color!

  5. I love the swirling pave accents as well! I enjoy reading your blog, Lexi - keep'em coming!

  6. Interesting variety and styles of Weiss over the years. Thanks for including my Black Diamond Parure. The Eisenberg-like style is definitely my favorite! Elaine

  7. Lexi,
    This Is Awesome,Great info
    I love the "what was I thinking"

  8. Lexi: I have a whole bunch of crosses that Weiss made along with some other fine pieces they sure were fab!
    You certainly have quiet the knowledge on Weiss and other fine jewelry designers of the day!
    peace and love, karen