Mar 1, 2011

Art Deco Jewelry: girl, he is totally CZECH-in' you out...

Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918 and was divided into two seperate countries in the early 1990's.  The most popular Czech jewelry was produced in the 20's and 30's.  I believe there truly was no other country that so freely and expressively used colorful glass and beads to create the most dramatic pieces!  Intricate brass filigree stampings provided the backdrop to bezel and prong-set glass in the most captivating shades. 

Pieces are typically stamped "Czech" or "Czechoslavakia" on the findings (really tiny on the c-clasps) or on the back of pin hardware.  There is a lot of unsigned or "attributed" Czech jewelry as well.  Be sure to purchase from a reputable seller.  Look for original enameling and colorful and unusually cut stones and you won't be disappointed in owning this fabulous style of jewelry!

Here are some absolutely gorgeous examples of Czech jewelry from reputable sellers on Etsy.  All pieces are available for purchase, so click on the link below the pic to be directed to the listing!

This 1920's Czech necklace is edgy and sexy and very relevant in today's fashion.  SEE MORE

A beautiful example of enamel and floral motif... love those little brass flower settings!  BUY THIS PIECE!

This piece is just... WOW.  Elegant and timeless with a totally deco styling!  LOVE the emerald color!  This piece is priced to steal!  CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!

Here is a stunning example of filigree and color!! So pretty! YOU WANT IT, COME AND GET IT!

Ok... take a deep breath... this next necklace is absolutely and extraordinarily over-the-top Czech!!
This piece features super rare and stunning "robins egg" glass accented with deep blue lapis glass... and don't get me started on those fabulous dangles and brass filigree... let me pick my jaw up off the floor!  BUY THIS PIECE!!!

OK... one more...

This is a super rare Czech Egyptian Revival Parure!!! It is really hard to find a whole set, especially in this egyptian revival style!!! OMG, Just absolutely gorgeous.  YOU NEED TO SEE MORE!!

Etsy has so many different Czech pieces available, from brooches to bracelets, lavaliers and necklaces, from the super extravagant to the more dainty and understated "everyday wear" pieces.  Search "Ecochic Czech" to see all the Ecochic team has to offer!

Recommended reading... Fabulous Fakes by Carole Tanenbaum.  This book has the most stunning collection of jewelry, awesome info, and even more astounding photographs!  There are no values, but if you really love to look at amazing jewelry, this book will make you drool.. It's like a wish list for collectors!

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  1. Wonderful post. Czech jewelry is some of the most gorgeous out there and you showcased it beautifully.

  2. You KNOW this is my favorite kind of jewelry...Czech! The craftsman were the best at creating unique timeless pieces. Great've captured the essence of the era and jewelry beautifully! Thanks for including some of our Czech jewelry, Lexi!

  3. I am so in love the Czech jewelry - romantic, colorful, daring, and well-crafted. Everyone should treat themselves to at least one piece of vintage Czech jewelry.

  4. Wonderful Information and Great Topic... I have also had Czech jewelry that was signed on a cartouche or plaque on the back of the piece... You sure showcased some excellent jewelry here...

  5. There is nothing more beautiful than Czech jewelry! Thanks for all the useful info as well as these fabulous pieces!!

  6. Czech is my absolute favorite post 1900 many of their designs were Art Deco, or Egyptian Revival...two more eras that held such classic design... In Czech jewelry you have it all...sparkly, pretty, filigree, rhinestones, enamel, floral, intricate bead caps... They truly were incredible artisans! Great article Lexi & thanks for including our bracelet!

  7. Gorgeous examples of Czech jewels - I absolutely LOVE those necklaces!

  8. I love your blog and website..your creative talent shines through..I also love your article and the jewelry showcased..

    If you have ever experienced this country, Czechoslovakia and if you can go to Prague you will see where the beauty was captured in the artisans eye, it has outstanding stained glass windows and gorgeous paintings in their churches. Their elaborate architecture is displayed in the massive churches and building in their town square.

  9. Oh my first blog post!!! So proud lolll

  10. Fantastic Blog, I am following you now!

  11. Another truly outstanding collection of Czech jewelry, also one of my favorites!

  12. Love the title of this blog! So very creative and "Czech" of you...
    peace and love, karen