Mar 29, 2011

Vintage Costume Jewelry: Coro-nation

Clover Duette 1930s by HatstoFlats on Etsy

Coro is the epitome of "the every woman's jewelry."  Chances are, you've come across many pieces of vintage Coro jewelry as a seller, a collector, or a casual jewelry shopper.  There is a rich history behind this long running company.  Dating back to 1901, the company was started by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger and became "Coro" in 1943. In the late 30's, the company was the largest producer of costume jewelry in Rhode Island, employing over 3500 people!  Check out Coro History at illusion jewels! 

One of my favorite companies to research is Coro costume jewelry, I just love looking through all the jewelry patents available to accurately date my Coro jewelry.  There are so many jewelry patents from Coro available for viewing here.  I can lose hours perusing them! I love to create little "wish lists" based on some of the patents. 

Some of the earliest jewelry marketed by Coro are the duettes.  Later Trifari followed suit by patenting "Clip Mates" but Coro started it all with the separable dress clips/brooch convertables.  Often figural and elegant in nature, these deco-styled beauties reigned in the 30s and 40s as high-end fashion accessories.

Owl Duette by AntiqueAli on Etsy

Back view showing the Duette frame and fur clip mechanisms
This next duette is the famous "Camellia" line, which also came in a trembler version...

Camellia Floral Duette by GildedElegance on Etsy
Of course my readers must know by now how much I absolutely adore Deco Jewelry, so here are my favorite 1930's deco Coro pieces...

Art Deco Coro Initial Brooch by MercyMadge! on Etsy
Art deco Coro brooch by starletstyles

A phenomenal selection of bracelets available from the ECOCHIC team on Etsy

Victorian revival Coro bracelet by Pinguim
late 1950s Coro thermoset bracelet by delightfuljewels
Blue confetti Lucite Coro bracelet by bitzofglitz4u on Etsy
Art Deco Coro Bracelet by starletstyles on Etsy

Phenomenal Coro Sets from the 1950s and 1960s... Super collectible and fun to wear!

This fab Coro set benefits Japan Tsunami Relief!! from DevineCollectible on Etsy
Awesome Vendome (Coro) Crystal AB Beaded Set by VintageSiamese
Beautious Set by LucyLucyLemon... this lovely lady
even has a shop in which she donates
 proceeds to Breast Cancer Research, PinkPinkLemon

Coro has had MANY marks used throughout the years, so be sure to check out their costume jewelry marks here.  You will also find a list of Coro's designers and the dates they worked for the company there as well!

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