Mar 29, 2011

Vintage Costume Jewelry: Coro-nation

Clover Duette 1930s by HatstoFlats on Etsy

Coro is the epitome of "the every woman's jewelry."  Chances are, you've come across many pieces of vintage Coro jewelry as a seller, a collector, or a casual jewelry shopper.  There is a rich history behind this long running company.  Dating back to 1901, the company was started by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger and became "Coro" in 1943. In the late 30's, the company was the largest producer of costume jewelry in Rhode Island, employing over 3500 people!  Check out Coro History at illusion jewels! 

One of my favorite companies to research is Coro costume jewelry, I just love looking through all the jewelry patents available to accurately date my Coro jewelry.  There are so many jewelry patents from Coro available for viewing here.  I can lose hours perusing them! I love to create little "wish lists" based on some of the patents. 

Some of the earliest jewelry marketed by Coro are the duettes.  Later Trifari followed suit by patenting "Clip Mates" but Coro started it all with the separable dress clips/brooch convertables.  Often figural and elegant in nature, these deco-styled beauties reigned in the 30s and 40s as high-end fashion accessories.

Mar 20, 2011

Vintage Costume Jewelry: WEISS Beyond Your Years

This set has Eisenberg style "Icing" Available for purchase by AntiquingOnline

A popular signature among collectors, Weiss jewelry is beautiful, wearable and well made. The company was founded by designer Albert Weiss in 1942. Weiss worked for Coro before starting his own company, successful until they closed shop in 1971.

The signatures and marks used on jewelry changed very little over the years, so they are easily recognizable. That being said, some Weiss jewelry is unmarked, as it was made for department stores and sold with that store's labels and packaging.

You can see images of Weiss signatures, as well as the approximate dates of use here.

Some of my favorite pieces incorporate the Eisenberg style of pave "icing" or little curvy metal designs set with tiny clear rhinestones.  Like the fabulous smoke gray or "black diamond" parure pictured above...That bracelet is to die for!

Mar 8, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the antiques emporium...

Ok, so I'm a big fan of broadway. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest!

Signed KTF (Trifari) Dress Clips I found in Prescott

Here's a little story. A back and forth, if you will, with that special breed of loon you will most often encounter in an antique mall...
Prescott, Arizona is known for many things; they have the longest running Rodeo in the southwest, a few haunted hotels, many artsy folk, and a butt-load of antique shops. Most of these antique shops are lovely, and I have often lost hours scouring every nook and cranny for those special treasures. Most of the proprietors are equally lovely, and love to openly impart nuggets of wisdom to anyone who will stop and listen.

Mar 1, 2011

Art Deco Jewelry: girl, he is totally CZECH-in' you out...

Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918 and was divided into two seperate countries in the early 1990's.  The most popular Czech jewelry was produced in the 20's and 30's.  I believe there truly was no other country that so freely and expressively used colorful glass and beads to create the most dramatic pieces!  Intricate brass filigree stampings provided the backdrop to bezel and prong-set glass in the most captivating shades. 

Pieces are typically stamped "Czech" or "Czechoslavakia" on the findings (really tiny on the c-clasps) or on the back of pin hardware.  There is a lot of unsigned or "attributed" Czech jewelry as well.  Be sure to purchase from a reputable seller.  Look for original enameling and colorful and unusually cut stones and you won't be disappointed in owning this fabulous style of jewelry!

Here are some absolutely gorgeous examples of Czech jewelry from reputable sellers on Etsy.  All pieces are available for purchase, so click on the link below the pic to be directed to the listing!

This 1920's Czech necklace is edgy and sexy and very relevant in today's fashion.  SEE MORE

A beautiful example of enamel and floral motif... love those little brass flower settings!  BUY THIS PIECE!

This piece is just... WOW.  Elegant and timeless with a totally deco styling!  LOVE the emerald color!  This piece is priced to steal!  CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!

Here is a stunning example of filigree and color!! So pretty! YOU WANT IT, COME AND GET IT!

Ok... take a deep breath... this next necklace is absolutely and extraordinarily over-the-top Czech!!
This piece features super rare and stunning "robins egg" glass accented with deep blue lapis glass... and don't get me started on those fabulous dangles and brass filigree... let me pick my jaw up off the floor!  BUY THIS PIECE!!!

OK... one more...

This is a super rare Czech Egyptian Revival Parure!!! It is really hard to find a whole set, especially in this egyptian revival style!!! OMG, Just absolutely gorgeous.  YOU NEED TO SEE MORE!!

Etsy has so many different Czech pieces available, from brooches to bracelets, lavaliers and necklaces, from the super extravagant to the more dainty and understated "everyday wear" pieces.  Search "Ecochic Czech" to see all the Ecochic team has to offer!

Recommended reading... Fabulous Fakes by Carole Tanenbaum.  This book has the most stunning collection of jewelry, awesome info, and even more astounding photographs!  There are no values, but if you really love to look at amazing jewelry, this book will make you drool.. It's like a wish list for collectors!

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