Feb 28, 2011

Vintage Costume Jewelry: Trifari Trifecta

We all love Trifari, who doesn't?  The company produced jewelry for every woman's taste, incorporating timeless beauty, sophistication and whimsy.

Here is a very brief history, followed by a few of my faves!  Some of these pieces are for sale on Etsy from my very lovely team members... so if you like, click the link below the photo to be directed to the shop!
Trifari was founded in  1918 by Gustavo Trifari and Leo Kraussman... joined by Carl Fishel in 1928.  The most popular and collectible pieces come from designers Alfred Philippe and Jim Katz.

Earlier pieces have patent numbers and many of the Trifari patents can be looked up in Google Patents, or Jim Katz Patent Site.

You can do some further research on Trifari signature marks at Illusion Jewels, one of my favorite go-to sites for costume jewelry marks!

A gorgeous Alfred Philippe creation... From a series of "halo" style rhinestones... I have matching earrings too! SECRET>>> I got this necklace for $1.00!!! Go me!

Alfred Philippe design... a poured glass bird brooch... BUY THIS PIECE!

Alfred Philippe design... from 1952! called "Promenade" What a steal... BUY THIS PIECE!
A super stunning Trifari bracelet! c. 1960's... BUY THIS PIECE NOW!
wow these are super fun! peacock earrings from the 1960s! BUY THESE BEAUTIES...

Gorgeous bakelite style Trifari piece with original tag... WANT TO SEE MORE?

OMG this is phenomenal! CLICK THIS TO VIEW THE DEETS!
Here is my Etsy Treasury.... With some stunning beauties.....

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  1. Great post! Trifari made some of the best jewelry..all different and so well crafted!

  2. Gorgeous examples of Trifari! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  3. Wonderful blog....love your choices, and I'm honored to see my parrot and bracelet here!

  4. Trifari endures--great quality and designs. Thanks for including our pin too!

  5. loe it...so much great information

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